Good Food Box

Good Food Box

Parkdale Nifty Fifties is a Good Food Box (GFB) depot. The Good Food Box is a program whereby you can purchase fresh fruits and vegetables for a very low cost. The GFB operates by buying fresh top quality produce directly from farmers and wholesale clubs. The food is bought in bulk and dropped off at our warehouse. Our volunteers then divide up the produce into portions and put the Good Food Boxes together. The boxes contain the maximum produce possible for the price. We rely on our dedicated depots and volunteers to run the program.


  • ‘Single/Senior Box’ (20-25 lbs. of produce) = $25.00
  • ‘Family Box’ (30-35+ lbs. of produce) = $30.00
  • ‘Large Family Box’ (40-45 lbs. of produce) = $35.00

What will you find in your Good Food Box?
~ Apples ~ Bananas ~ Broccoli
~ Carrots ~ Corn ~ Cauliflower
~ Cucumbers ~ Bell Peppers ~ Grapefruit
~ Lettuce ~ Lemons/Limes ~ Onions
~ Oranges ~ Potatoes ~ Tomatoes

The selection will vary according to availability and wholesale costs.
Each member/family wanting a box of produce is required to come to the PDNF office, fill out an order form and pay the required amount. This must be done every month that a GFB is desired. The boxes can be picked up at the PDNF office as soon as they arrive. The order forms are available at the PDNF office and orders should be in at least 2 weeks prior to delivery date (please see dates below), so we can pre-order for the next delivery.

Order and Delivery dates can be found and the Good Food Box Website here we are in Group A

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