The bridge will be moved to Pearson Hall at the Parkdale
Community Center on October 14 and October 21, 2023.
Bridge will be cancelled on Saturday, November 4 2023.

Duplicate Bridge

  • Welcome to our non-sanctioned club. We are not an official arm of the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) and we do not award Master points.  However, the ACBL does allow us to post our results and times of play on their website at (See Scoring below)
  • Please note that you must arrange to have a partner. You will find a list of people who may still be looking for partners posted on our bulletin  or alternately contact the office, 403-283-0620.
  • If you would like to contact the Club, please call Gail or Devon at the office at 403-283-0620 or call Bob or Patti Howell at 403-282-3335
  • The regular bridge sessions are from September to June. We continue over the summer as long as there are 5 or more tables in attendance. Please join us


Times                 Our games are currently scheduled to run 2 ½ hours on:

                           Tuesday 12:30 PM                   Saturday 12:30 PM


  • A charge of $5 per game is levied for the first two games with us. The fee continues at that rate for each subsequent game, if you decide to become a member of Parkdale Nifty 50s (PDNF)
  • If you would like to continue to play bridge, but would prefer not to take out a membership with PDNF, the cost per game (after the first two) is $7 per game.


  • The scores are usually available about an hour after completion of the game and are posted on the ACBL website. If the ACBL site is down, or the scorekeepers are not present, scores may not be immediately available. Keep checking back. A hard copy of the results is posted on the bulletin board in the Club hallway.
  • The scores also appear on the Parkdale Nifty Fifties site on the next business day following play. Click on “Activities” and then “Bridge.” The website will also acquaint you with other activities available in the club if you are so interested.

Cumulative scores are kept on a seasonal basis, from September to June.  There is a wind-up event in June.  If you have been in attendance at least 50% of the time, your name will be entered into a draw for free tickets to play bridge.

Please remember that NO SCENTS MAKES SENSE


Player’s Notes

Tuesday Bridge Scores

Saturday Scores

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