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Title: Who’s Story Are You Telling?

Description: In this workshop, we will explore creating wild and whimsical backgrounds using spray paint and stencils.  After building up your backgrounds, you will paint a portrait(s) of an animal or person who either inspires, excites, or interests you in some way; the face can be anything from your dog, to a famous musician, or a family member making a hilarious expression.

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Title: Exploration in Colour, water colour or acrylic


Join me on a journey of discovery as we explore how to use the colour wheel and how the information it contains can be used to enhance your use of colour in your own paintings, giving you the fundamentals to build your colour mixing and selection skills.  We will be using hands-on exercises to help each participant understand the properties of colour and how to use them in a painting.

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Title: Florals in Oil or Acrylics


Cheryl has recently returned from a trip from France, where she painted in Claude Monet’s famous gardens! So she’s very excited to share what she knows about painting florals, with you. They are often a favourite subject because of their beautiful colour and pretty forms. However they can often end up more challenging than students expect. In this class you’ll learn how to:

– see the structure and design of a floral arrangement through the use of light and shadow

– block in your composition so that you’ll end up with interesting planes and form

– and then proceed upwards through layers of paint to add volume, loose brushwork and final, sparkling details

We’ll also be talking about the importance of color temperature, value, saturation, and edges. Please bring some reference photos to paint from – I will help you choose one that will give you the best results in your painting.

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