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Karin Richter Soft Pastel Workshop

November 10 9:30-4:30

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Come and enjoy a day of immersing yourself in the luscious medium of soft pastels. The workshop is designed for artists of all levels who are either new to pastels or want to improve their existing pastel paintings. Different techniques will be covered and different supports introduced. Try and compare a variety of papers and boards for either a rough or soft look before we  experience the lush surface of suedeboard, a perfect match for soft pastels. Through demonstrations, personal attention and critiques, Karin will focus on the elements needed to create a successful painting like strong composition and design, exciting colour and tonal values.

Karin Richter Masters  Class December 1st


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You don’t need to be a master to take this workshop, you just need a desire to improve your current paintings and give them that something extra special. It is not about the medium you work in (any welcome), your style or approach but about your wish to become a better painter. This can easily be done by simply “mastering the basics”.

Bring several paintings to class, finished but not necessarily framed. We will start by reviewing the principles necessary to plan and execute a successful work of art. We will then use a checklist to evaluate the work and see where improvements can be made.

With renewed confidence and knowledge, you will then plan a new painting from your own reference material or mine and get to work.


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