2020 Workshops

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Karin Richter   Pastel – The Luscious Medium

July 14, 10:00am- 3:30pm

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Come and enjoy a day of immersing yourself in the luscious medium of soft pastels. The workshop is designed for artists of all levels who are either new to pastels or want to improve their existing pastel paintings. Different techniques will be covered and different supports introduced. Try a variety of papers and boards for either a rough or soft look. Through demonstrations, personal attention and critiques, Karin will focus on the elements needed to create a successful painting like strong composition and design, exciting colour and tonal values.


Sue Contini   Negative Painting

Wednesday July 29th 

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Marla Blackwell  LET’S BE PAINTERLY!


Come join me in a workshop that is fun and lively.  I will show you how to approach your painting with confidence.  From start to finish, my plan is that you will enjoy each step along the way and incorporate into your own style! I will be painting in acrylics and in a more impressionistic style.  Here is what you need to bring with you:

Paint — any colours you like as long as you have a warm and cool of the primaries and black and white. Bring your favourites too!  Good quality paint is a must for best results.  Student grade does not have a good pigment load.  I use Golden, Liquitex or M.Graham acrylics. However, we will work with what you have…don’t go and get a whole new set of paint.

Brushes –  I use mostly brights and flats.  Good quality but not the best.   Acrylic is hard on brushes!  You will need at least one larger flat brush no smaller than one inch.  Bring scraping tools too.  Old credit cards are good.

Canvas or boards — bring a couple; no smaller than 9 x 12 and no larger than 16 x 20

Sketchbook and pencils for planning and notes; spray bottle with water; paper towel; water bucket



Monday Aug 10th

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Jessie St. Clair  Topic TBD

Wednesday Aug 26

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